What is CSplayer?
CSplayer.com is a store where you can buy items from our select assortment of digital goods from video games. Currently we sell skins for CS:GO.
We want to help you level up your game by offering the skins you’ve always wanted. Buying from us is safe and easy.
Our selection of skins is in our hands. No relying on third parties or middlemen. We deliver manually, meaning there is no risk of getting banned.
Guaranteed delivery within 48 hours of the skin unlocking. Our trades are done by hand to avoid failures and increasing the safety of our customers.
We provide competitive prices based on discounted market value. Every skin is curated. We strive to be ahead of the curve so you can leave with a smile.

You can find our Trustpilot page here: Trustpilot.com


Address: Sofia, post code 1463, Triaditsa district, Blvd./Str. Health No. 15, fl. 1

Organization Number: 207868478

Email: support@csplayer.com
Phone: +359.877772602
Customer support: https://csplayer.com/submit-ticket/


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